Monday, April 17, 2006

Larry Brown, Insured Chickenshit

The master exit strategy of Larry Brown has already started. As we hyped it here on Jan 19th, Brown is starting to use the angle of "poor health" to quit the Knicks and take the money as he rides into the sunset.

In perhaps the only wise move they made all year, supposedly the Knicks have an insurance policy in place should Brown get too sick. Not sure what pixie dust the insurance carrier was inhaling to ever inspire issuing that policy but any insurance adjuster may very well investigate Brown's medical records when all is said and done with millions on the line-- this could get ugly.

Larry Brown missing the recent Knicks games due to health issues is classic acting which he clearly picked up from his 5-year old kid: "oh, daddy, I can’t eat anymore spinach ... my tummy hurts!" He used to get out of Detroit last year. This genius approach ensures that the press and the Knicks as an organization keep criticism at bay because, hey, who the hell is going to fault a guy for falling ill?

But perhaps the one dude who really is sick is Stephon Marbury. Either Starbury is a cruel, sarcastic asshole or he is so stupid that he deserves all the criticism heaped upon him with this comment made two days ago: "We need him right now, we've been playing really good basketball." Uh, Steph, your squad is about to break the record for most losses ever by a Knicks squad. Lay off the pipe at least 30 minutes before talking to the press, OK, my man?

Did anyone ever think that hiring a 65-year old dude is akin to digging up a grave in the modern NBA? Medicare kicks in at 65. Pearl Harbor was 65 years ago. These dudes were balling 65 years ago but don’t sleep on the Roff High School Oklahoma 1941 squad.

Finally, was there any doubt Brown was going to avoid the game in Detroit yesterday? He may actually have been sick to the stomach because can you imagine going back to Detroit with the worst record in the league to face a team with the best record in the league? The term is called "chickenshit."

Mr. West

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

For the Nerds: 2005-2006 NBA Fantasy Review

OK, it's true, I admit it: I play fantasy sports. Well, "play" is a strong term really, more like "participate in." Anyhoo, for those of you who play in a 12-category league or somewhat serious league, here is a review for you ...

Stud of the Year: Shawn Marion

Bust of the Year: Tracy McGrady

Most Underrated: Mike James

Surprise Sleeper: Boris Diaw

Top Rookie: Chris Paul

Still Better Than You Think Team: Antawn Jamison, Paul Pierce, Lamar Odom, Brevin Knight

Still Overrated Team: Baron Davis, Dwight Gooden, Wally Szczerbiak, Rip Hamilton

And the most important section for you readers ...

Players who will make the biggest leaps next season (of course, trades, injuries and free agency really shape offseason changes for players):
Chris Wilcox, Andrew Bogut, Nenad Krstic, Bonzi Wells, Danny Granger, Chris Kaman

Mr. West